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Growing Simple Book / Tour Update – GETTING CLOSER THANKS TO YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you – the Growing Simple Book Project Fund on KickStarter is rolling!  In fact – we have been as high as 11th this week as the most popular publishing project on the Kickstarter site – all thanks to your incredible support!

growing simple 555We are now just $49 short of the halfway point of $8500 ($4201 raised) in just the 5th day of the 30 day campaign….we are trying to be cautiously optimistic – but it looks like this book and tour might just happen!!!

We now have pledges from 31 states, Australia, and England!

The key is to keep it going…..

So if you can help at all – today is that typical mid-week day of the campaign that slows down a little – and we would like to keep it rolling at the top!

Here is the link again if you want to help!  OWG Grow Simple KickStarter Campaign 

Please keep sharing – and help spread the word – thank you to all who have donated to the cause!  Every donation counts – no matter the amount – and we so appreciate every one!

owglogoscriptLast – to all who have pledged so far – thank you for getting us a little close to our dreams!  A BIG THANK YOU TO THE EVERY GROWING LIST OF SUPPORTERS

Rob and Jen F, Kelsey F, Ted V, Katie H, Joe C, Andrew C, Ken M, Lara M, Mary H, Sydelle D, Sara T-B, Daphne C,Tina W, Lisa C-S and Alice Loyd, Rachel, Melissa S, Arlene J, Judith M, Tikva J, Julie B, Bob R, Rick and Ruth Ann R, Jan B, Todd T, Brenda H, Heather A, Marlene J, Sharon H, Mary P, Cheri S, Tricia P, Carolyn M, Vikki J, Rick D, Reta P, Susanne D, Christina N, Dee Dee B, Carla H, Andy B, Peter B, Bonnie, Carol O, Evan and Karen K, Ruby O, Donna, Victoria and Robert C. Cheryl H, Deb R, Therese K-K, Amy O, Jeff and Kristen R, Brandye, Elaine H, Michael C, Jim F, Ed and Donna P, Charlene K, Teresa K,Vicki S-V, Penny P, Jeff, Veronica S, Mary B, Codi and John, Chris M, Karen S, Bruno K, Sarah F,Dawna, Mary Beth J, Louann H, Vivian S. V-B, Jill E, Allisa H, Megan J, Maryse S, Jessica S, Brian J, KarriAnn S!   80 IN ALL AND HOPEFULLY MORE TO GO!!!!

Thank You So Much – Jim and Mary!