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Book Tour Cities Announced!

It’s an exciting day for us at Old World Garden Farms!

chikenIn just 4 hours, our 30-day Kickstarter Campaign Book Project will come to a close – and thanks to all of you – our Growing Simple Book and Tour will be funded!  (Kickstarter officially closes the campaign today at 12:30 EST, March 22nd).

In fact – with the additional money raised above the original $8500 goal ( the total now stands at $9447), we have been able to add 2 more cities to the tour, with the 13th city of Denver still in reach to be added as well!  (with every additional $500, we are able to add a city.)

Book and Book Tour Details…

The book will be completed this year over the summer and early fall months and then published and available around the first of December. The book tour will take place over the course of the Spring and Summer months of 2016.

growing simple 555We hope to have about 2 to 3 stops scheduled in each city for book signings – focusing on book stores, libraries, garden centers and coffee shops – or any additional venues recommended by our followers. We will be sure to keep everyone posted as events, times and locations are scheduled.

We had quite a few emails yesterday from those asking if they can still get their names in the official credits of the book  – and the answer is yes – until 12:30 EST pm (March 22nd) when the project closes today.  You can visit the campaingn here :  Growing Simple Kickstarter Campaign

So with that in mind – here are the top 12 cities that follow our website that will be included on the tour.

Houston, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Atlanta, Georgia
Columbus, Ohio
Los Angeles, California
Portland, Oregon
Charlotte, North Carolina
Indianapolis, Indiana
New York, New York
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Seattle , Washington
Nashville, Tennessee

Denver, CO –  pending if campaign hits $10,000 by close today

owglogoscriptAgain – thank you to everyone below who helped make our dream come true – and we hope you enjoy the book as much as we have enjoyed creating the farm and Old World Garden Farm!

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Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary


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