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It’s Time To Say Goodbye – Moving On Is Never Easy!

Sometimes, you grow a little too much to handle everything – and when it comes to our Old World Garden Farm’s website – that is exactly what happened!

smallest-logo-owg2.jpgWhen we first started the little OWG blog in 2012, it was really intended as a way to let our family and friends keep up with our projects and the progress at the farm. We never really intended for it to become a gardening, cooking and diy site – but somehow it did. We have gone from a few views and followers after the first month’s launch in early 2012 – to over 600,000 visitors a month and just under 70,000 followers at the end of 2015.

With that said – we have simply outgrown our space on the site and the server where it all began. A few weeks back, we found out we were nearing the maximum capacity – and would need to move to a larger platform to handle it all.

So……that is exactly what we are doing! Although probably not the best time for it to happen to us with the book nearing publication and the house project beginning in full swing – we have to take the leap!

The Good News…

First off – if you follow us now and have signed up via email, Facebook or Twitter – nothing should change whatsoever.  You will still receive our 3 updates (recipe, gardening and farm update) we publish each week. The website address will stay the same, as will the links to all of our old articles – just with a new clean look!

A sneak preview of the new look of our front page

A sneak preview of the new look of our front page

In a nutshell, the (new) will have all of the information and articles that are on our site now – but in a much cleaner and easier to find format – including a search bar at the top of every page.  We are most excited about the new Recipe Page, which will now have an easy-to use print button that can allow you to print recipes with or without pictures. The page will also be organized with simple search categories such as appetizers, desserts, main dishes, etc.- making it convenient to find all of our recipes.

The Gardening and DIY pages will also be organized with simple categories and search buttons as well – making the entire site user-friendly.  Oh, and the best news of all – the new site can handle up to 10,000,000 visitors a month – so I think we will be good for awhile!

A Week of Construction…

With that said – we will be switching over the new site sometime this week, and come to you with our first new update from the blog with next Sunday’s Farm Update!

We will be taking this week off from posting to give us a little “construction time” on the new site, in order to get all of the bugs worked out and the content moved over. Here is to hoping for a smooth transition!

Happy Blog Moving – Jim and Mary!