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Can You Help Us? A Special Plea From Jim and Mary

growing simple

Our Book – Growing Simple

Yes- this is an extra post today – and we certainly promise that it will be the only “extra post” that you get from us for a long time to come.  First and foremost, we always enjoy writing about our farm, our recipes, our garden tips and tricks, and of course our DIY projects.

But tonight we are writing to see if you can help us with something that is extremely dear to our hearts – our book. 

For the last four years on our blog, we have tried to inspire and help each of you to follow your own dreams of living a more simple life. For some, it might be with gardening advice and articles, for others, recipes or DIY projects – and still for others, perhaps how to live more by living with less. Whatever the reason you have come to our site – we have always tried to stay true to our cause of simply being Jim and Mary. Well, the book is our dream…and now Jim and Mary need your help.

As many of you know – our book, Growing Simple, was released nearly 10 days ago – I don’t think either of us could ever have imagined that it would have ended up on the Amazon Hot New Release list – but somehow it did.  What we didn’t realize is how important the first few weeks on Amazon is for the success of a project. 

The next two weeks will be the biggest challenge for our book. Amazon judges everything (right or wrong), based upon the first 28 days of activity, and for us, that is from now until June 6th. They want to see if people really care about the content or authors of a book. This time period of activity, including every visit to our Amazon page, every review, and of course, every pre-sale of the book, or download of the ebook decides the book’s future.

Help us

The Link To Our Book Page On Amazon

This includes whether they will stock it long-term or not, and then in turn, whether other retailers and booksellers like Barnes & Noble will put it in stores and stock on-line as well. What we have found out is that making that Hot New Release is huge – but scaling to the top of the list is a sure-fire way to have it stocked and loaded forever – and we are close.  The pre-sales, reviews and activity on Amazon already have taken us as high as number 3 on the Hot List last week- and we just want to take our best shot to stay on the list until the release. The only way to do that is to get the word out -and that is where you come in.  

Many take the road of hiring expensive ad agencies or publications firms, but that is not our style and not who we are. And besides – we have the best followers around! 🙂

Here is what we are asking – here is how you can help:

Reviews – If you go to Amazon and preview the first few chapters, or if you purchase the book – you are allowed to leave a review. We have found out that these reviews are HUGE. So if you would like, and you like what we do,  please feel free to head over to Amazon and review the book. If we can have 30 reviews or more, it is a huge bonus to Amazon.

Sharing – This is equally huge!  We simply ask if you believe in what we do, and what we write about, to share this post tonight with a personal message with your friends on Facebook or Twitter .

Purchase and Pre-Sale – Of course, this is the big one. All we ask is that if you have thought about purchasing it in the future  – to do so during this period and on the Amazon site.  Rumor has it that it is actually on sale right now at a reduced price.


So that’s it! This book, our farm, and everything we write about is so very important to us. We love that more and more people want to slow down, simplify, and live a more meaningful life – and we really hope that we can help inspire others to do just that through the book.

Thank you again for all of your support – and if you can help – we would be so very grateful.

Now back to writing our normal Garden and Cooking articles on the farm 🙂   

Happy Gardening, and Thank You,

Jim and Mary!