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The Best Soup You Will Ever Eat – The Taste Of The Fall Garden Clean Up

It is simply the best soup we ever make. Period! And the funny thing is, we say that every single year at just about this time. Each fall, as we clear out the garden, it has become tradition to make a huge pot of open kettle soup with the final harvest.

Best soup

This years garden chili soup simmering over the open fire.

Some years it chili, others it’s vegetable soup. But either way, it always turns out to be the most incredible tasting soup of the season.

There is something uniquely special about the last produce to be pulled from the garden. The flavors are rich and complex.

They burst with the incredible taste that only the crisp mornings and warm days of autumn can give. Add in that it’s made over an open fire – and you have pure magic!

For us this year it was garden chili. It simmered all day, slowly cooking down to intensify the flavors of an entire summer’s worth of gardening. Other than a little homemade chili powder made from our peppers, not a single additional seasoning was added.

best soup

Late season tomatoes may not look the best, but they have incredible flavor

We found out long ago that no amount of seasoning can ever compare to the intense flavor that late season vegetables give to an all day simmering soup.

The Importance of Clearing Out The Garden

The importance of cleaning up the fall garden actually goes far beyond that amazing soup. Clearing out the garden after each growing season plays a huge role in the overall health of next year’s garden.

When garden plants are left to overwinter, it sets the table for pests and disease to hide and multiply.

best soup

Actually living at the farm made this years soup all the better! The farmhouse overlooks the simmering kettle.

Even better, once cleared, plant a cover crop to really boost your soil! See : How To Plant A Cover Crop. If that is not enough of a benefit, then there is always the soup!

So get out there, and clear out that garden.  And while your at it, make your own best soup ever!

Here’s to a great Fall, and the best soup ever! – Jim and Mary.

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