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An Incredible New Garden Website For Gardeners, By Gardeners!

A new garden website?!! I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to release an article than we are today! Today is the official launch of a new garden website, created with one purpose – to celebrate gardeners and gardens around the world! 

garden website

Readers love to share their gardens, like this beautiful one from Janice MacLean and Wensel Harris. Their garden is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is one of our first features on the new garden website.

Not long after we started Old World Garden in 2012, we started to receive amazing emails from gardeners everywhere.

The emails were amazing because they showed and shared the true passion gardening folks have about growing. Each email was filled with photos and descriptions of gardens from their own backyards, or from parents, neighbors and friends gardens. Some even shared great tips and hints on how to grow almost anything, anywhere in the world.

Vegetable gardens. flower gardens, fruit orchards, vineyards, tiny backyard container gardens, herb gardens. water gardens, rock gardens, gardens with trains and more! You name it, and people emailed us to tell and show us about it.

Wonderful, simple, everyday people who loved to garden and wanted to share their slice of heaven with us. And, WE LOVED READING THEIR STORIES!  So much in fact that we quickly began to realize that others gardeners would probably love to read about them too!

With no real way or avenue to share them all, we realized we needed to create a place to let gardeners showcase their own garden stories, tips, hints and more. And, if you know us, you know we are always up for a new challenge – so we decided to try to make it happen!

So this past fall, we began work on a new website project that focuses on letting folks talk about their gardens.

As we worked on the idea, we had a few things in mind. We wanted it to be free for everyone and anyone to join and access. We wanted it to be clean, simple and easy to navigate and read. We wanted lots of space to show beautiful garden photos from regular gardeners and gardens all over the world. And last, we wanted it to be solely dedicated to celebrating the passion of gardeners around the world! 

We will be the first to tell you that this website is in its infancy. We have tried to create the opening “framework” for gardeners to share their stories. The site has starter categories for showcase gardens and gardening tips, along with two easy upload buttons for folks to share their garden stories and garden tips. As the stories and photos come in, the pages of the website will become filled with garden knowledge and beauty from all over! Thanks to a few volunteers, we already have a few in place!

It’s name : This Is My Garden  (

garden websiteOver the coming weeks, months and years, we hope that it becomes the ultimate place for gardeners of every walk of life to read, write and learn about all things gardening.   

Becoming a member to the site is free. You simply sign up on the site to join the email list and you are in! You can also like and follow This Is My Garden on the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages that have been created to tell the story.  Yes, they are all brand new too – and will take some time to build. But gardeners are all about anticipation! 

Any gardener from any part of the world can share their garden, or their gardening tip, by simply clicking on the “Feature My Garden or Feature My Garden Tip” buttons on the site and hitting submit.

You can even upload pictures as well right from the site. If you are a blogger and want to share your garden and site in your story – do that too! We want it to be there for everyone. And if it’s easier, email the stories and tips direct to

Each week, starting January 23rd, an email newsletter will be sent to all members every Monday and Saturday. 

On Mondays, there will be a “Gardens From Around The World” showcase email, with a story or two from members who have shared photos and stories about their garden. 

Saturday’s newsletter will be dedicated to gardening tips sent in from our members. Of course, you can always go to the website to read all of the stories and tips you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Down The Road

By March, we hope to launch a Gardening Forum feature within the site, where all members can ask and answer gardening questions from around the world. With any luck, by mid summer, we will have a video portion as well, where gardeners can walk around their garden space and give tours for others to see. Who knows, maybe we can even get out to visit and write about gardens someday!

Last but not least, yes, we will continue on with what we love most –  and that that is writing, living and creating projects and articles for our own little Old World Garden Farms Website. We simply enjoy that way too much to ever give it up! 

So if you have’t already, head over and check out and let us know what you think! : 

Oh yes, its bound to have some bugs here and there we will have to work out – but we really think this garden website can become spectacular for gardeners!

If you love to garden, sign up to follow along! And by all means – send in your garden story or tip! While you are at it – feel free to share this story and the website with any of your friends who love to garden. Let’s make This Is My Garden great for all gardeners! 

One last thing, a huge special “Thank You” goes out to the folks who volunteered to help us create this with a few starter stories. A few are already posted up on the site, and the others will have their stories published in the coming weeks. Hopefully, with stories and tips from incredible people like them and you – this will become what we know it can be, a site for all gardeners!  

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary Competti