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5 Simple Yet Essential Garden Tools That Every Gardener Should Have!

The best part of gardening is that it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to have a great looking space. With that said, there are a few inexpensive tools that can really lighten the load when it comes to working in the garden. 

So as we approach another new garden season, we thought we would share our list of 5 essential garden tools that every gardeners should have. Let’s get right into the list with number 1!

5 Essential Garden Tools

1. Garden Pruners

Having a good, comfortable set of garden pruners is a must! That’s why they sit atop our list of essential garden tools. They are perfect for pruning damaged or diseased limbs and branches from vegetable plants, which is an important part of keeping plants healthy. They can also be an excellent tool for harvesting!

essential garden tools

We prune your tomato plants for a larger and healthier crop, and a good pair of pruners is a must!

Every gardener around knows that sinking feeling when you pull a beautiful veggie from the plant, only to rip off an entire branch, or tear the stem from the veggie. Pruners are perfect for easily clipping the stems from zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. You can usually find a great pair for under $20.

My favorite is the ratcheting style of pruners. The ratcheting action makes cutting even thick branches a breeze without squeezing the life out of your hands. One thing is for sure, keep them sharpened to make it easy on you, and your plants! Dull pruners will cause a lot of damage to plants. Not to mention, a lot of frustration for the gardener. This is our favorite : Fiskars Ratchening Pruners 

2. Camera

When it comes to gardening, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Photos are a great way to record everything your garden.

essential garden tools

A camera can help record all kinds of helpful things in the garden – like this ugly tomato worm!

Not only can they capture that perfect vegetable or plant at the peak of beauty, but they serve as a great reminder when you are trying to remember what you planted where in previous seasons. I can’t tell you how many times we refer back to photos we have taken as a point of reference.

And, you never know when you might see that incredibly weird insect roaming around. It’s a great time to snap a photo and head to the internet to see what it might be! 

Always, always, always have a camera close by when your gardening. In this age of the cell phone camera – this one is easier than ever!

3. Post Hole Digger

You might think this is a strange addition, but the post hole digger is actually more important in our garden than the mighty shovel!

Post hole diggers are THE perfect tool for planting all of your veggie transplants. They create beautiful 6 to 8″ deep, and 4 to 6″ wide planting holes with a single stab of the earth. And it’s all done while your standing up. Now that is a back saver!

The larger hole allows for plenty of room to add in rich compost and soil. In addition, it gives transplants an easy path to quickly expand their roots.

We can dig 150 planting holes for all of our transplant crops in about 20 minutes. Now that’s a planting tool!

You can get a lightweight fiberglass handle version that is easy to use and tote around.  Here is what we use  : Fiberglass Union Post Hole Digger

4. A Good, Comfortable Hat

This is one is far more important than many realize. No matter the style, a good comfortable hat is essential for a gardener. Not only is it great for keeping sweat out of your eyes, it can help cool you from the hot, blazing sun.

A good hat, like this Slogger Garden hat can save you and your skin!

Most important of all, that hat can save your skin and your life. That big ol’ burning ball in the sky can cause a lot of damage to your skin and eyes, including skin cancer. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself, a good hat! Why not get a special one just for the garden and make a statement!   See : Garden Slogger Hats

5. A Sense Of Humor

Okay, maybe this last one is more of a “trait” than a tool, but it’s essential to keeping gardening fun! Look, the simple fact is that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things are going to go awry in the garden. Maybe it’s that cute little bunny that mows down your lettuce crop overnight. Or maybe you didn’t listen to your wife when she asked you if the chickens were in and you said yes…only to realize later they were not in…and instead they were the ones mowing down your lettuce crop. (hmm..think that happened to me? 🙂 )

Whatever happens in your garden, just remember to keep your sense of humor about it and have FUN! 

Happy Gardening! Jim and Mary