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The Most Spectacular Hanging Basket and Container Plants Ever!

Looking for incredibly gorgeous, eye-catching, heat-resistant and head turning hanging basket or container plants? Then look no further than ornamental peppers!

container plants
Sangria plants fill a hanging basket plant with a gorgeous array of color

Ornamental peppers have exploded in popularity over the last 10 years. 

But beyond their use in gardens, flowerbeds and kitchens, ornamental peppers are the absolute perfect choice for hanging baskets and container plants.

We love using hanging baskets and container plants throughout the farm to add huge splashes of color.

And of all the various traditional varieties we grow such as Impatiens and Petunias it is always our ornamental pepper pots and baskets that draw the most attention.

And the advantages to growing them go far beyond their amazing beauty.

Unlike many common container plants, ornamental pepper plants last an entire season without losing their vitality. In fact, they only get better as summer turns into fall.

Ornamental peppers are also the last to show heat and water heat damage on hot days.

We all know how traditional planters can start to droop and wilt in the mid-day summer sun.

Ornamental peppers on the other hand, thrive in the heat, and with minimal water their leaves stay upright and green even through the scorching dog days of summer.

Here is a look at 3 of our absolute favorites for planting in containers and hanging baskets – or anywhere!

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3 Great Ornamental Peppers for Hanging Baskets and Container Plants

Sangria Ornamental Peppers

Simply our all-time favorite! Sangria peppers start out with a thick, dark green foliage that is soon covered in hundreds of tiny white blossoms.

By late spring / early summer, bright purple peppers begin to cover the leaves. The plants grow strong and upright to about 12″ in height.

Usually, only three to 5 plants are more than enough to fill a typical 16 to 18″ hanging basket.

container plants
The fiery look of chili-chili ornamental peppers as they turn in mid summer

As summer progresses, the sangria peppers turn from purple to orange, and then finally to a dark, deep red.

The plant is simply stunning with its full array of colors. We leave our plants in place in the baskets well into deep fall.

They stand up incredibly well up until a hard frost, at which point the drying peppers add a whole new dimension. They are a mild pepper for taste, but add excellent color to dishes.

Seeds are easy to save from year to year as well!  Seed Link  : Sangria Peppers


Chili-chili pepper plants grow short and compact, making them perfect for hanging baskets and containers.

The tiny 1″ long peppers start out bright green, and then turn into a brilliant yellow and orange as the growing season progresses.

Plants grow about 8 to 12″ in height – and fill out to about 6″ round in width. We plant these a few inches apart in baskets and containers to allow for a quick thick covering.

Chili-Chili pepper seeds are easy to save and grow from seed each season as well. They are also an extremely hot and edible pepper – perfect for heating up salsa!  Seed Link : Chili-Chili Seeds


container plants
Poinsettia peppers are perfect in containers – or the landscape!

Poinsettia ornamental peppers grow a bit little taller and bushier than sangria and chili-chili. Of the three listed here, these are by far the hottest as well!

Poinsettia peppers mature about 18″ tall, making them more suited to containers than hanging baskets. Their foliage is a wonderful shade of light green, with similar light green pepper pods forming in early summer.

By mid to late summer, the plants are nearly covered in peppers that turn to fiery deep red. They hold up strong right up until frost, and turn to a beautiful shade of crimson as they dry.

Their hot and spicy flavor is perfect to add to a stir fry or salsa. They are also great placed in olive oil to make a spicy homemade hot pepper oil.   Seed Link: Poinsettia Peppers

And the selection doesn’t end there! Other varieties like Chinese 5 Color, McMahon Texas Bird Pepper, Calico and Black Pearl all do excellent as container plants as well.

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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