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3 Simple Cell Phone Rules To Live By For A Better And Safer Life

Perhaps it’s time for a few simple self-imposed cell phone rules. Rules that might help lead us to a better, safer, and more fulfilling life in the coming year.

First off, let’s be clear about one thing. Cell phones truly are an amazing device.

And, they are extremely important.

I mean, it is a bit crazy to think that we hold a computer in the palm of our hand that has more power and technology than what was on-board the space ships that sent astronauts to the moon.

The problem is that cell phones have sadly become so much a part of our life – that sometimes we forget to actually live and talk to the people right in front of us.

cell phone rules
The cell phone is an amazing device. We just need to all be aware more when and how we use it.

What brought this all to light? Well, for me it was a grocery store visit last week with Mary.

In one single visit to our local grocery store, we were treated to the following cell phone comedy show.

#1 In the parking lot, we watched a person who was texting while walking run into a grocery cart. Right in the middle of the parking lot!

I have to admit, it was somewhat funny to watch him actually get mad at the cart for being there.

#2 While inside, we got to hear a wonderfully loud conversation of a woman shopping in the spice aisle.

We are not totally sure, but we believe it was probably with her husband. It was, of course via speakerphone as she headed down the aisle on her cell phone.

We gathered from the conversation that she did not want to go to her in-laws for dinner that night. And, to boot, that she was pretty sure she couldn’t handle them for Christmas dinner either.

All the while, everyone in the store stared at her. And yet, on that phone – she was totally unaware.

cell phone crash
We have all witnessed
at some point someone walking into something while on a cell phone. Or perhaps done it ourselves. 🙂

#3 As we checked out, the customer in front of us happened to be on their cell phone talking.

The cashier was trying to get her attention to ask her about one of her items – but to no avail. And the line of folks waiting to check out grew longer.

And what happened? Well, she finally did get her attention, only to be told “I can’t talk, I am on the phone!”

Yes, that really did all happen on one trip!

So with that in mind, we thought we would share 3 cell phone rules that have really worked well for us.

And, if you have any to pass along, we would love to hear them in the comments section at the end,

Here is to living better with cell phones in the coming year!

3 Cell Phone Rules To Live By

#1 No Phones At Meals

This is one of the cell phone rules that we put in for ourselves a long time ago. And it is wonderful. When we eat – the phones go away.

We sometimes wonder why some people go out to restaurants any more.

We were laughing a few months back at a local deli when 6 young professionals came in to have lunch.

cell phone rules
You really can enjoy a meal and conversation with those around you without a cell phone.

For the entire duration, they sat looking into their phones. It was rare that their heads even came up other than to eat.

And I am pretty sure not more than five words were said between them during the entire lunch.

For us, there is simply nothing better than great food and great conversation with each other and those who might be with us.

So when we eat, the cell phones sleep.

#2 The Never Take It To Bed And On Silent Rule

This one is absolutely fantastic when it comes to living better.

Nothing in the world will make you more energetic, more productive, and more healthy than a good night’s sleep.

Above and beyond all of the studies about dangers of staring at a tiny lit-up screen in the dark – nothing will disrupt your sleep habits more than taking a cell phone to bed. Especially with the sounds or vibrations up to keep waking you up!

cell phone rules
Cell phones in bed are a bad habit for sleep patterns

A simple solution…

We put our cell phones on a dresser about 15 steps away from the bed every night.

With all the sounds turned off – except for the rings of family members that we set to special alerts. And of course, the morning alarm that rings through as well.

That, by the way, is another benefit of putting them away from the bed. You are forced to get up and walk over to turn it off.

It certainly makes hitting the snooze button again and again much tougher!

#3 The Glove Box When Driving Rule

Of all of the cell phone rules, this is the one that really can save your life.

The rule is this – anytime you get in the car to drive, put your cell phone away. And that means away from where you can easily get to it.

The glove box is a perfect solution.

cell phone rules
The glove box rule is a great way not to be tempted to text while driving.

To be completely honest, I finally decided a few months back that I simply couldn’t trust myself.

I have always known it was absolutely insane to use a cell phone while driving.

But then it would happen. I might be at a red light and take a quick glance at the phone when I heard a beep. Or perhaps a quick glance on a”wide-open” road.

And then one day, while on the way to work, I had a car come within about an inch of my driver’s side door.

I looked over, and of course, there was the person on their phone. drifting right towards me without a clue. They felt awful. They waved sorry. And of course, instantly put their phone down.

And I realized that could have just as easily been me doing the same thing.

cell phone rules
One of the best cell phone rules ever – the glove box rule.

That is when the self-imposed glove-box rule was created. There simply is too much temptation when you hear the sounds of a cell phone to take a quick look.

Perhaps it’s that text from a friend you have been waiting for. Or one of the kids might be sick. Or this, or that. But simply put, none of them are worth the one second it takes to lose your life. Or the life of someone else.

The rule has actually been really great for me. It is amazing how much thinking and relaxing you can do when all you do is drive!

Here is to all of us living better with our cell phones this year. For more on simple living – check out our article on 4 Simple Life Changing Goals.

Happy Simple Living! – Jim and Mary