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Merry Christmas! Celebrating Christmas Traditions All Over The World

Here is to celebrating Christmas traditions!

We want to start off today by extending our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to every one of our followers from all over this incredible world!

The season is filled an amazing array of family Christmas Traditions.

There is of course for so many, including us, the thrill of heading to grandmothers house for Christmas dinner. (See : The Tradition of Christmas Night at Grandma’s House)

Christmas Traditons

A Competti Christmas photo from long ago. Me with my Dad next to a roaring fire.

For others, it may be the fixing of a special Christmas ham. Or perhaps a special dish or dessert.

And for still more, taking part in long-standing Christmas traditions of caroling, playing games, or taking sleigh rides through snow-covered woods.

Celebrating Christmas Traditions All Over The World

So what is your tradition?

As we do each Christmas, we ask you to take a moment in the comments below to check in and tell us about your Christmas plans and traditions.

Christmas Traditions

For some, it will be the tradition of a sleigh ride on Christmas Day.


As crazy as it sounds, our little Old World Garden blog has grown to have followers in all 50 states, and 260+ countries and territories around the world.

And our annual “Christmas Comment Check In” gives all of those folks from all over a chance to share a little of their Christmas with everyone!

Who Knew There Was A Christmas Pickle?

In past years, we have learned of so many special traditions that take place on this wonderful day.

Traditions like finding the Christmas Pickle on the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas Traditions

The Christmas Pickle game was a new one for us!

As one of our followers informed us, it has been passed down for decades and practiced in many places.

It involves the hiding of a special pickle-shaped ornament on the Christmas tree. And whoever finds it first on Christmas morning receives an extra present!

For us, it was a new one!

Let Us Know How You Celebrate

So take a moment below in the comment section and check in. Let us know where and how you will be celebrating Christmas day this year.

And be sure to pass along your family traditions as well!

Most of all – Merry Christmas, From Back In Ohio At The Farm! – Jim and Mary Competti