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The Teardrop Camper Arrives! A Photo & Video Tour Of Our “Tiny” Home

Our nuCamp Tab 400 Boondock Edition Teardrop Camper has arrived at the farm!

Although we won’t leave for our big year-long “dream trip” to all 50 states until September, having the opportunity to prepare and try out our little “tiny home” over the coming months will be a huge help in getting us ready for the journey.

And we can’t wait to show it you you with a little photo and video tour today!

teardrop camper
Our teardrop camper has arrived at the farm!

Before we go any further, we want to give a huge Thank You to everyone at nuCamp RV! See : See

We simply can’t say enough about how incredible they have been to work with. The teardrop camper they have built for us is simply an amazing dream come true.

At a dry weight of just 2600 lbs, it comes packed with so many incredible features:

teardrop camper
The folks at nuCamp have been sensational to work with!

For starters, a state-of-the-art Alde central heat and water system, along with a complete air conditioning system as well.

Also included is a phenomenal Froli® Sleep System under a queen-sized for restful nights along the way.

All of the above should help to keep us comfortable no matter the weather, or where we travel.

Add in a dual burner gas stove, a refrigerator, and a fully-functional kitchen area with a lot of cabinet and storage space – and we are ready to roll!

The Teardrop Camper And Following Our Journey

For those wanting to follow the trip around the country, you can now sign up @ :

We created the Live Simple Now website to document the entire trip from start to finish. From preparing this summer, to heading out and showcasing the places, people and stories of our travels all along the way.

teardrop camper tour

Starting next week, and throughout the entire journey, we will post one article each week on the site to update. We’ll also post weekly videos and more to bring it all to life.

The first article begins next week to reveal the dates and trip locations for each state. We are so excited to kick off our tiny home travels!

So enough talk – lets look at the camper! We have included photos and descriptions below, along with a video tour as well. We hope you enjoy!

The Teardrop Camper Tour

teardrop camper tour
The exterior of our Tab 400 teardrop camper.

The Solar Roof

One of the coolest features on the outside is the solar film solar panel. Located on top of the teardrop camper, the film panel keeps the camper’s batteries charged as we roll or sit parked.

teardrop camper
The solar film panel on top of the camper.

The solar battery and collection system is enough to power the camper with normal use for up to 3 days without sunlight.

The Interior

The door of the camper leads directly to the front seating area. One great feature to the door is that it includes a pull out screen door too.

teardrop camper tour
The entrance to the camper.

The front seating area will serve as our kitchen table and work desk area. With outlets, USB ports, and plenty of room for both of us to work, it will be a great area for writing.

The table can be removed to create an additional space for a bed. And one of the cubicles has room for extra storage as well. ‘

Teardrop camper tour
The front seating area of the TAB 400 camper.

The large window also allows for plenty of natural light.

All of the windows come with two separate shades – one for total darkness, and one that allows in filtered light.

Bathroom / Shower

The bathroom has a fold down sink, a full shower-head for stand up showers, and of course, the toilet.

teardrop camper tour
The pull-down sink in the bathroom.

A curtain can be drawn around for the shower to keep the water contained.

teardrop camper
Another view of the bathroom.


The kitchen counter area contains an inset sink with both hot and cold water. When not in use, it stays covered to provide additional counter space.

teardrop camper tour
A view looking at back into the camper.

The kitchen area also has an inset two-burner gas range and a small refrigerator as well.

The round cabinet below the sink clicks open to reveal a large storage area.

teardrop camper tour
There is plenty of storage space!

There is also additional drawer storage to the left underneath the range, and above the counter top as well

Storage Closet Area

There is a nice-sized wardrobe storage area in between the bathroom and sleeping area.

We opted for this in place of a larger refrigerator. With being on the road for an extended time, storage space was a big key!

teardrop camper tour
The Closet / Storage Area

Sleeping Quarters

Believe it or not, there is enough room for a queen-sized bed in our teardrop camper! And, it includes a Froli® Sleep System under the mattress for supreme comfort.

teardrop camper
The queen sized bed area
teardrop camper
The adjustable Froli® Sleep System adds big comfort to the bed.

And to finish, here is a short video we shot yesterday to highlight the teardrop camper’s features. It was a bit windy, (love the Ohio March weather!) so we apologize for a bit of noise as we show the outside.

Here’s to following your dreams and adventures – Jim and Mary!