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The Perfect DIY Potting Bench – Strong, Elegant And Easy To Make!

When it comes to creating a great space for potting your favorite flowers and plants, we have you covered with today’s project – our DIY potting bench!

For starters, this attractive bench is strong, durable and extremely functional.

In fact, it’s part potting bench, craft table, work bench and storage shelf – all rolled into one!

diy potting bench
There is plenty of room for storage – and for planting!

But perhaps best of all, its simple 2x construction makes it inexpensive and extremely easy to build. Even for the novice woodworker!

A DIY Potting Bench That Stands Up To Mother Nature

This design, like so many of our other diy projects, (see : OWG DIY Project Page) was born out of necessity. We have always wanted a little potting stand to keep either in the barn or garden shed.

They are just so handy to have for all kinds of potting and planting chores.

But many of the commercial potting benches available were either too flimsy, or way too expensive.

The DIY potting bench is constructed with common 2x’s. It makes the bench super strong, and inexpensive to build.

Many of the store-bought versions are made with thin boards. For us, they just seemed too wobbly to work on.

Unfortunately, the potting benches that are built a bit stronger come with a pretty steep price tag as well!

So what is a gardener to do? Build their own and save big of course!

Creating An Inexpensive, Strong & Durable DIY Potting Bench

The potting bench uses simple 2x construction for both it’s frame, work surface, and shelves. At 5′ wide and 5′ tall, it is plenty big enough to work on, without taking up too much space.

complete diy plans
Complete plans are available in our Esty shop. As always, we keep all of our single plans at just $10.

Using just 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s and a single 2 x 8 x 8, it assembles together quick and easy.

The front legs are formed by screwing together (2) 2 x 4’s , while the back legs use (2) 2 x 6’s. It gives the bench a sturdy, solid framework that is wobble-free. We have included the complete plans, including step by step instructions and the material list in our Etsy shop here : Potting Bench Plans

If desired, a set of casters can easily be added to the bottom to make it completely mobile.

The Work Surface And Built-In Tub

The work surface frame is constructed from a single 2 x 8. It gives additional strength to the bench, and supplies the room for a really cool feature – a built in and removable tub.

It is perfect for mixing up homemade potting soil. It’s also great for cleaning tools or a host of other chores.

The built-in tub is easily created with a commonly available $10 to $15 kitchen sink or busser tub. We simply traced the outline onto the surface, and cut it out an opening with a jigsaw.

built in sink for the bench
Tracing out the area for the built-in tub.

It is held up by two 1 and 1/4″ thick wooden dowels.

To remove the sink for cleaning, it is as easy as removing the dowels!

All in all, with the tub cost included, materials for the bench were right around $80. Not bad for a bench that should last for years to come.

Here is to potting up all of your plants in style! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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