We have been planting egg shells with tomato plants for years in our garden.

And quite honestly, it is amazing just how effective it has been in helping to keep our tomato crops healthy, strong and productive.

In fact, we actually mix crushed egg shells into the planting holes of all of our vegetable transplants – including our peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and more.

planting egg shells with tomatoes
Save those egg shells from your morning breakfast! They can go a long way to keeping your tomato plants healthy.

Not only is it easy to do, it can be done entirely for free simply by saving the egg shells from your morning breakfast.

Why Planting Egg Shells With Tomatoes Works

Like all vegetable plants, tomatoes need the typical nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to grow healthy and strong.

But, they also have a critical need for calcium. And without it, it can spell disaster for the health and production of your tomato plants.

Calcium serves as a major ingredient in both the development of a healthy tomato plant, and the production of healthy tomatoes.

healthy soil means healthy tomato plants.
Not only is calcium vital in building strong, healthy tomato plants – it is also extremely important to produce healthy fruit.

As a plant grows, it uses calcium from the soil to help build thick, strong cell walls. And those sturdy cell walls help the plant to create sturdy stems and branches.

But tomato plants also need calcium to produce healthy fruit.

And when it becomes deficient or even non-existent in the soil, tomato plants become extremely prone to blossom end rot.

The Deadly Scourge of Blossom End Rot

Blossom end rot is one of the most damaging, devastating and depressing things that can happen to a tomato crop.

As the tomato fruit starts to set on the vines – small, dark, rough spots begin to appear on the ends of the tomatoes.

blossom end rot on a tomato
The dreaded blossom-end rot on a tomato. A sure sign of a lack of calcium in the soil.

And before the tomato has a chance to ripen, that little dark spot turns the entire tomato into a rotten mess.

It can devastate and ruin an entire crop that otherwise seems healthy and strong.

Blossom End Rot – It’s Not A Disease

Many mistakenly think of blossom end rot as a disease.

It is actually not a disease at all, but instead, a condition caused from a lack of available calcium to the plant.

It is most prevalent and well-known for destroying the fruit of tomato crops. However, it can also affect other vegetable plants like peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini just as easily.

planting egg shells with tomatoes - and peppers!
Blossom end rot can also affect other vegetable crops like this green pepper.

And that is where planting crushed egg shells is so important!

It just happens to be the perfect solution to help eliminate the entire problem!

Using Egg Shells When Planting

The shells of eggs are loaded with calcium.

And when crushed and added to a planting hole, they begin to break down and release that calcium back into the soil.

creating super soil
Egg shells mixes into the soil at the bottom of the planting hole.

As they do, the roots of the plants soak it up to keep plants healthy and producing.

How To Plant Tomatoes With Tomatoes And Other Vegetable Plants

At planting time, simply crush up a few egg shells for each planting hole.

As you plant the transplant in the hole, place the crushed shells in the bottom of the hole around the base of the roots.

crushed egg shells
We mix in crushed egg shells with compost, worm castings and coffee grounds along with the garden soil in each planting hole.

And remember, planting time is the perfect time to provide additional nutrients to your plants! See : 4 Big Tips For Planting Day Success

Along with the crushed egg shells, we also back fill all of our planting holes with a mixture of compost, coffee grounds and worm castings.

It is the perfect way to power your vegetable plants to great health, and super yields.

Here is to growing your best and healthiest tomato crop ever this year.

Happy Gardening! Jim and Mary.

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Planting Egg Shells With Tomatoes – How To Grow Healthy Tomato Plants!