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The Incredible Fall Plant With Stunning Beauty – Move Over Mums!

When it comes to adding a big burst of fall color to flowerbeds, pots & containers, we are falling in love with the intense beauty of flowering kale and cabbage.

We are always on the lookout for something new to add to our landscape at the farm.

Both ornamental cabbage and kale add incredible fall color to the landscape. And the colors only improves as the weather turns cooler.

In fact, one of the things we love most about taking our trip around the country right now is the opportunity to discover so many unique flowers and vegetables. And, new ways to grow and display them.

And this past week, while traveling in the pacific-northwest, have we ever found a winner with the stunning beauty of flowering kale and cabbage. They are going to make a great partner in fall plantings with our ornamental peppers! (See : Growing Ornamental Peppers For Fall Displays)

Growing Ornamental Flowering Kale and Cabbage

The more we have learned this past week about growing both ornamental kale and cabbage, the more we love about the plants.

flowering kale
Flowering kale and cabbage used as a beautiful border plant in the Chihuli Garden in Seattle. One of the things we really like is they can be used in nearly any setting.

They are actually considered hardy in zones 2 through 11. However, they are best grown as an annual for better flowering in late fall due to their disdain for warm temperatures.

They are trul a perfect addition to any fall landscape. And, their blooms actually intensify with frost!

And are they ever versatile. In fact, they can be grown in any outdoor planting style imaginable.

With their vibrant foliage and colorful blooms, ornamental kale and cabbage rock any garden setting!

These past few weeks, we have seen them used in mass plantings, as border plants, in containers, pots, and even hanging baskets.

And here is real kicker: they make one of the most beautiful cut-flower displays you can imagine.

The Ins and Outs of Growing Ornamental Kale & Cabbage

When it comes to flowering kale and cabbage, the two are often confused as one in the same. And it is actually easy to see why.

They are both members of the Brassica Oleracea family. And to boot, the foliage and blooms of both are similar in color, appearance and size.

ornamental cabbage and kale
Ornamental kale and cabbage are often confused as the same plants.

But their is a difference, as slight as it might be. Kale leaves tend to be more jagged and frilly, while the cabbage leaves are more smooth. Both however, are stunning when grown!

Although both are edible, they certainly do not have the flavor of the non-ornamental varieties.

Planting and Growing

Ornamental kale and cabbage plants should be started from seed near the end of the hot season, and as the cool season nears.

These ornamental kale and cabbage are all being grown for use as cut flowers. They are simply stunning.

Both kale and cabbage will mature and flower in about 10 to 14 weeks. And the key is to have them coming into bloom just as the late fall season and cool temperatures arrive.

For us in Ohio, that means we will be planting our seeds at the end of August. It should set for a spectacular display for mid-October. Affiliate Seed Links : Flowering Ornamental Kale Seed, Flowering Ornamental Cabbage Seeds

The goal is to have the blooms arrive as the frost does to bring out their intense color.

flowering kale
We can’t wait to grow these beauties in our own landscape next fall!

Both ornamental kale and cabbage can handle temperatures well below the freezing mark. And many plants can stay beautiful right through winter depending on the severity of conditions.

One thing is for sure, flowering kale and cabbage will certainly become a big part of our fall flowering displays in future years! Happy Gardening – Jim & Mary.

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