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Living Tiny In A Teardrop Camper – The Funnier Side Of “Small” Life On The Road!

Oh what a fun time it is living tiny on the road!

We are now into our 63rd day of the trip and have entered Oregon, the 10th state of 50 we will visit before it is all said and done in another 302 days.

It’s hard to believe that it was just 10 months ago we decided to take this Trip of A Lifetime. And honestly, it seems surreal we are now in the midst of it all.

tiny living
Life on the road has been fun for sure. And, has certainly been filled with quite a few comedic moments along the way.

A Lifetime of Memories, And A Lot Of Funny Moments…

Along the way, we have met some incredible people. And visited some amazing places.

So far we have camped on an alpaca farm, a horse farm and in the world’s largest rail yard. We have hiked and biked nearly 400 miles, and enjoyed food we never knew existed.

Camping within a few feet of Alpacas made for a memorable night. They are an amazingly gentle and funny creature.

But that doesn’t mean all of that fun hasn’t come with a few adjustments. And, quite a few comical moments along the way. Actually, a LOT of comical moments!

And with each and every one, they simply make the trip all that more enjoyable.

We thought it would be fun to take a picture with each state sign. Our Montana picture, with 50 mile an hour winds and freezing temps – turned out to be a bit difficult to get! After about 30 takes and two warm-ups in the truck, we finally managed to get one. This is just one of the many failed takes.

After all, life really is what you make of it. Every single day. No matter where you are, where you live, or what you are doing.

And if you can find the humor and joy in the not-so-perfect times, then nothing can ever spoil the adventure.

We thought for our monthly OWG trip update today we would share some of the lighter moments of the journey so far.

A Few Of The Funnier Moments Of Living Tiny On The Road

Developing Danger Words

For starters, we have developed an entirely new language when we are in the camper. For instance, when in the bathroom, and before every opening the door, one must ask and yell the word CLEAR before opening the door.

living tiny
The word “CLEAR” is a must ask question now when existing the bathroom and opening the door. It is one of the small sacrifices that comes with living tiny on the road.

The reason? I once sent Mary flying into the bed area with an unnanounced opening. And she once hit me squarely in the head with the door with one of her own unannounced door openings.

Yes, we are even now. And we use the word “CLEAR?” to stay that way!

On that same theme, “Fan, Fan, Fan” yelled emphatically means whoever is sitting at the desk area needs to use their hands to fan the smoke detector. Immediately!

smoke alarm
The smoke alarm in the camper has caused a few comical moments with overly toasted toast – or a smoking pan.

The detector is an obvious must-have. But when one cooks a little too hot, or one lets a piece of toast get too dark – a quick fan of your hands can keep it from going off and decimating our ears.

Again, a lesson obviously learned by sitting directly below it when it goes off.

Words Can Mean Different Things…

Some words can take on a different meaning simply by when they are said. For instance : “Shoes” said in the waking hours means “can you please hand me my shoes so I don’t have to reach across you.”

However, “SHOES!” said in the middle of the night means something entirely different. It means that Jim forgot to put his shoes up, and Mary tripped over them on the way to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me, we are not even on that one yet. Mary is much better at putting her shoes away!

A few more comical moments…

The camper, with it’s bright wrap. has twice been confused for a food truck. One time, we were even asked what we served, and what time we opened!

Having our picture on the side of the camper has also caused quite a few moments.

living tiny in the camper
The photo wrap on the camper has led to quite a few funny moments so far.

Our open-road scene and picture often gets confused for the rental campers seen traveling about the country.

Its always a hoot when folks ask us how much our camper was to rent. Or, even better, does it bother us to have other people’s faces on the side of our camper. That was actually said to us once while standing right beside our picture! 🙂

We even had one such couple tell us during a gas fill-up, with all sincerity mind you, that we kind somewhat resembled the people on the camper.

Best moment so far with the camper has been driving on the Pacific coastline this past week in Long beach

When I told him it really was, he told me I wasn’t tall enough to be the guy in the photo!

All fun aside, the teardrop camper, and the journey have been nothing short of phenomenal. And one we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

If you want to read more on the trip, you can see each of our daily stories at the Live Simple Now Blog. Here is to another 302 fun-filled days left on our journey!

Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary.

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