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The Simple Secret To Help Accomplish Daily Tasks & Big Dreams!

It may seem odd, but the easiest way to accomplish daily tasks has nothing to do with embracing the electronic age. In fact, there is nothing “techy” about it at all.

And yet, it works more than you can ever imagine, with no batteries needed!

In an age of electronic calendars, cell phone alarms and email reminders, it seems it should be easy to become better organized and more efficient when it comes to accomplishing daily tasks.

accomplish daily goals
Electronic calendars and to do lists are everywhere. But nothing can replace the power of a handwritten task or goal.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth for us. And that might seem funny considering our entire “work-life” revolves around the digital world.

Accomplishing Daily Tasks – The Secret Of A Little Notebook

For us, life has evolved and transpired with one simple tiny and inexpensive secret. A pocket-sized 3″ x 5″ spiral notebook.

It’s power has helped us tackle everything from daily tasks and goals to accomplishing life-long dreams. And it can work just as easily for anyone else too!

Who knew a little 3″ x 5″ notebook could be so powerful!

How A Little Notebook Helps

The Notebook : 5 minutes in the morning + 5 minutes in the evening = an entire day of accomplishment

For us, it all starts with realizing no single large project, goal or dream gets completed without baby steps.

And the notebook system is the perfect answer to help get those “little” things done and accomplish daily tasks.

Every morning, when the first cup of coffee is poured, we each take five minutes to write down what needs to be accomplished that day in our notebooks.

We each keep our own list and book. However, we do divvy up tasks needed for the household. Everything from work needs, farm chores, grocery lists and errands all make the list.

We also odd our own tasks to accomplish to each of our lists as well. Yes, it can be done on a phone’s calendar. Or on a tablet or computer’s task list.

daily list
Day after day, year after year – our lists have helped us accomplish the little goals that lead to bigger goals. In fact, it is fun to look back at some of the old books and see what we were doing!

But for us, the act of hand writing a task in the notebook is 100 times more effective than simply putting into an electronic to-do list.

Especially when you see below how that handwritten list transforms each night for the following day.

Keeping It All Simple To Accomplish Daily Tasks

We attach no numbers or rank of importance to each item. Instead, we concentrate only on what needs done for that specific day.

building the house
We have used our daily notebook lists for everything from planting the garden to building our house.

It takes only seconds to do and keeps every single day right in front of us. The small 3 x 5″ size of the notebook makes it easy to keep nearby. It easily fits in a pocket, on a desk, in a computer bag or on the front seat of a car. Affiliate Link : 3 x 5″ Notebook Pack

Every time an item get completed, it gets crossed off. Likewise, every time a new task  or chore presents itself during the day, it gets placed on the list.

That simple act of taking a few seconds to write down a new task, or cross of a completed one keeps you connected to the day. And, more importantly, it forces you to see what else still needs to be accomplished.

accomplish daily tasks
The act of checking off the completed items not only lets you see what you accomplished, it helps you see what needs done next on the list!

You might be amazed at how often a small task comes up. If it is put on the list at that very moment, it is never is to be forgotten.

5 Minutes At Night – The Real Magic Of The Notebook

Every night, for 5 minutes before we go to bed, we roll through our day’s list. It’s easy to see for each of us what did and didn’t get accomplished.

And then we complete one extra step that really helps in accomplishing daily tasks in a timely manner. Instead of leaving the unfulfilled goals in their place, we turn the page and start a new list right then for the next day.

Not to write new things down – that is for the morning. But instead, we force ourselves to write out again the goals that didn’t get accomplished on to the next day’s list.

The power of the written goal. It is truly amazing.

A funny thing happens when you re-write a goal at night you didn’t accomplish. And especially if you have to re-write it for a few days again and again. IT GETS DONE!

You become totally motivated. It gets tiring and frustrating to keep writing it over and over.

It is why the power of the written word really is amazing.

A New List Each Day – Accomplishing Daily Tasks

Writing a new list each evening lets us start fresh and keep the list current. There is no looking back over previous weeks and wasting time to see if we missed anything.

accomplish daily tasks
Even out on the road, we still create a to-do list every day.

When you write something down it tends to become embedded in your memory.

It’s one thing to think about what you need to do, or type a “task list” on a computer or smart phone. But when you actually write the down a goal or task and see it in your own writing, it somehow changes it all.

Even better, the little notebook doesn’t need to be recharged or fall apart and shatter when dropped on the concrete! 

I know it all sounds so low-tech and simple – but try it – and you will quickly see how powerful it really is in helping get things done!

accomplish daily tasks
We have used 3 x 5 notebooks for nearly 10 years now. And it is amazing how much they have helped us stay on track day by day.

Once you start accomplishing the little goals, you will start to see them adding up to crossing off the bigger goals.

And before you know it, the biggest of the big goals fall too. See: Setting Annual Goals

Here is to accomplishing all of your daily tasks and goals! Jim and Mary

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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