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Crazy Facts, Figures & Stats From Our First 90 Days Traveling America

It’s hard to believe, but we are now 90 days into our one-year journey to travel America!

And one thing is for sure, the term “America The Beautiful” certainly has a profound new meaning to us.

First 90 Days Traveling America
Our journey’s path so far, including a trip down the west coast via Amtrak.

Now that we have completed the first 25% of the trip, we thought it would be a great time to take a look at some of the interesting facts and figures we have compiled so far.

So here we go!

Stats, Facts & Figures From The First 90 Days Traveling America

Miles and Miles of America

As of this morning (December 8th), we have covered a grand total of 11,127 miles. Including 9303.9 miles in our truck and nuCamp teardrop camper. (See : Life In A Teardrop)

Those miles have led us to 11 states thus far, with 39 still waiting in the wings.

First 90 Days Traveling America
The 9309.9 miles of driving has led us to some pretty amazing places on our first 90 days traveling America. Like through the towering Redwood forests of California.

That totals up to a few oil changes, nearly 4 gallons of windshield wiper fluid, and 694.7 gallons of fuel.

For the trip, we are averaging exactly 13.4 miles per gallon. Not bad when you realize how many mountains and hills we have had to climb getting out west!

The Many Ways We See America…

In addition to traveling in our truck and camper, we’ve used some pretty exciting additional modes of transportation to get around.

We have been in a grand total of 7 trains. That includes a steam-engine, two trolleys, a tram, 2 light rain cars, and the Amtrak Coastal Liner train.

The drive through Yosemite National Park was stunning. We have now been to a total of 12 National Parks, and everyone has been amazing.

To date, we have logged 142.5 miles on our bicycles, and another 189.5 hiking with our legs. There have even been a few rides on boats, and a “somewhat scary but fun” adventure on an electric scooter.

But the truck has certainly been the most adventurous. It has driven across the Golden Gate bridge, through a giant redwood tree, and traveled down the crookedest road in the world in San Francisco.

truck through the redwood tree
The truck fit through the giant redwood in California – barely!

Not to mention cruising the roadways of Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Badlands. But perhaps most impressive of all were it’s trips to Mt Rushmore, and to the top of Pikes Peak!

Not too bad for just the first 90 days of traveling America. See: Our Top 10 Photos From The Trip So Far

Where We Have Stayed

Along the way, we have stayed in a total of 73 cities. The largest city being the city of Los Angeles, with a population of 4 million. And the smallest? That would go to our stay on the outskirts of Cottonwood, South Dakota, population 9!

first 90 days traveling America
Cottonwood, South Dakota . We were blown away that there is actually a sign to this town!

Yes, that sign really exists, and we just had to take a picture!

We have stayed in campgrounds, county fairgrounds, cattle ranches, horse ranches, wineries, rail yards, breweries and pumpkin farms.

One stay was even smack dab in the middle of an Alpaca Farm in Silt, Colorado.

We have hiked and biked a lot of miles in our first 90 days traveling America, with a lot more to come!

You can also add a few Wal-Mart and Home Depot parking lots to the roster of overnight stays as well. When you travel the country – you have to certainly get creative! See : How To Camp For Free Off The Grid

The National Parks

And then there are the National Parks. So far, we have visited 12 of these incredible treasures.

Our first was a visit to The Badlands in South Dakota. And it was there we made one of our best purchases on the trip – the U.S. Park Pass.

National Park Annual Pass
The America The Beautiful pass from the National Parks was one of the best purchased made on the trip.

At a cost of $80, it gives us access to every single National Park and Recreational Lands – all at no cost beyond the pass.

All have been sensational. But with that said, being able to take in Yosemite this past week with a foot of snow on the ground was certainly the most breathtaking.

Some Final Statistics

We thought we would finish off with a little look a few more fun facts of our visits.

So far on the trip, we have been able to see no less than 23 waterfalls, 5 lighthouses, and walk the sands of 15 beaches.

And the animals? In addition to many others, we have seen whales, bears, porcupines, elk, bison, dolphins, sea lions, seals and bald eagles. Oh, and there was that rattlesnake on one of our hikes too!

light house California
The lighthouses along the west coast are a sight to behold! We snapped this photo while on a hike in upper California.

One thing is for sure, America is certainly beautiful!

We hoped you enjoyed today’s look inside the numbers of the trip. Here is to the first 90 days traveling America, and the next 275 days to go! To catch up on the latest adventures, you can check out our daily blog here : Live Simple Now Daily Updates

Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary

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