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The Homi Garden Tool, The Hot “New” Must-Have Tool With Ancient Roots!

If you have never heard of the Homi garden tool, you can rest assured you will hear a lot about it in the coming months.

This ancient Korean hand held garden tool is fast becoming popular with gardeners all over the world. And with great reason – it works incredibly well for all types of gardening chores!

The Homi Garden Tool

The Homi’s origins date back centuries for use in the rice paddies of Korea. But gardeners all over the world are now discovering the tool’s incredible potential.

So you might be asking, just what exactly is a Homi garden tool? And why is it becoming so popular?

The funny part is, the Homi is certainly not new to the world. In fact, it has been excavated from archaeological digs dating back as far back as 3000 B.C

The ancient hand held farming tool played a crucial role in maintaining the rice fields in Korea. And it remains a prominently used tool there today.

the homi garden tool
The Homi Garden Tool. Available for about $17, this hand held multi-purpose garden tool is fast becoming the must-have tool for 2020.

But much Japanese Hori-Hori garden tool gained popularity with gardeners everywhere over the last few years, the Homi is now becoming the newest must-have tool.

Why Everyone Is Falling In Love With The Homi Garden Tool

Its sharp, hooked blade makes quick work of planting and weeding chores in the thick rice paddies. But as gardeners everywhere are discovering, it is incredibly powerful and useful for a wide range of chores in flowerbeds and gardens too.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of the Homi makes it easy to balance and hold.

the blade of the homi tool
The balanced, angled blade is perfect for taking on a wide range of garden tasks and chores.

The tool is perfect for digging out tough roots. The angled blade rips through even the toughest of soils.

And it creates perfect planting holes and furrows in seconds with that blade as well. You can even used the curved edge to back fill soil over seeds.

But maybe best of all, it makes cutting tough roots and grass from the soil a breeze. Talk about an extreme weeding machine!

With the sharp edge of the blade, the Homi can rip through soil for perfect planting rows or weeding.

One thing is for sure, this “new” tool with ancient roots might just be a gardeners best friend! Product Link : Homi Garden Tool

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Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary

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