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The OWG Garden Guide – Our New “How-To” Page For Gardening Advice!

We are so excited to announce a brand new addition to the website, an easy to use garden advice and resource page we call the OWG Garden Guide Page.

When it comes to any topic on gardening, you name it, and we most likely love to talk about it! From vegetable gardening and growing flowers, to planting trees and shrubs, to composting and more, chances are we have covered it in a how-to article.

garden guide page
Introducing our new Garden Guide Page, with all of our articles in easy to find categories.

In fact, so much so, we have amassed some 500 articles+ on all things gardening over the last 9 years.

But sometimes it can be hard to find and reference older articles. Especially when you might be looking for information on a single or specific topic. And that is exactly where our Old World Garden Guide Page comes to the rescue!

Perhaps it’s how to grow cucumbers in straw bales. Or maybe you are looking for solutions to battle pests like aphids, beetles, or moles and voles. Now, with one simple page, you can easily find answers to all of your garden questions.

The OWG Garden Guide Page

On our new page, we have organized all of our garden articles into easy to find topics and categories. Want to see all of our advice and tips on Raised Row Gardening? There is a now a category for it : Raised Row Gardening

garden guide page
from growing unique plants like glass gem corn, to growing potatoes, we have you covered!

Or maybe you are looking for advice on one of our most popular topics, growing tomatoes. Now, with one category click on the Growing Tomatoes tab on the Garden Guide page, you can head right to all of our tomato growing articles.

It’s all there – from starting seeds indoors, to keeping weeds out of your garden and flowerbeds. In fact, there are more than 20 easy to find garden categories on all kinds of garden topics.

planting advice
From planting onions and garlic, to making great compost, the new Garden Guide Page has you covered.

But that’s not all, we also added one more feature we think will be helpful as well, our Garden Guide Search Bar.

The Garden Guide Search Bar

What if you are looking for something specific we haven’t categorized? No worries at all, just type in your topic in the search bar at the bottom of the Garden Guide page, and it instantly pulls up articles we have related to it.

We hope it will really help more folks find the info they need in a flash!

You can see the entire garden guide page here : OWG Garden Guide

Here is to the art and joy of gardening, and to never stop the pursuit of learning about all things growing. And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook for all of our gardening posts as well : See : Old World Garden Facebook Page

Happy Gardening!- Jim and Mary

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