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The DIY 2×4 Outdoor Furniture Project – Creating A Space Like No Other! -With Video

With almost everyone looking for projects to do around the home right now, we decided to take our love of DIY 2×4 outdoor furniture to a new level last week.

2x4 diy outdoor furniture
No porch and patio would be complete without a table and chairs. Each chair took just 3 2×4’s – the table used six.

How so? Well, we went to work to see if we could create an entire porch and patio setting from only 2×4’s. One that could outfit our entire outdoor pavilion area for years to come.

And as you will see in the video below, did we ever have a lot of fun with it! But even more than that, we are absolutely shocked at how we created so much furniture for so little.

diy 2x4 outdoor furniture
The Adirondack bench, two chairs and coffee table are perfect to create a separate sitting area.

In fact, to build the entire ensemble, it took less than $300 in materials. That alone is less than the cost of a single patio table in a store. And one that certainly won’t last as long!

The DIY 2×4 Outdoor Furniture Project

It took a total of (68) two-by-fours to create our entire porch and patio set of outdoor furniture. At $4.10 each for buying the nicer “select” 2x4x8’s, the grand total for wood totaled $278.80.

But for that, as you can see in the video tour below, we were able to build a lot! Including a 60″ patio table with (4) chairs, (2) Adirondack chairs, (2) dual-box planters, a 48″ wide Adirondack bench, and a 36″ coffee table.

All in all, it took us about 2 full days to complete all of pieces. We spent one more day painting and staining as well. But with having plenty of time on our farm now for projects, it was certainly time well spent.

We even added in a couple of our new raised box 2×4 planters on the back of the patio to grow a few flowers and vegetables. It is kind of crazy when you look at it to think it is all from 2×4’s!

Adirondack chairs
We use our Adirondack chairs everywhere on the farm.

But 2×4’s really do create amazingly strong, comfortable, and surprisingly elegant furniture. But maybe best of all, furniture that lasts and lasts.

Staying Strong…

Our original Adirondack chairs from 5 years back are still in great shape. And that is something you just can’t say about most store-bought metal and plastic options.

We included a little synopsis of each piece we built for the patio set. We also added a new plan pack in our Etsy store with downloads as a bundle pack for all 5 sets of plans at a reduced price. See : Porch & Patio Plans Bundle

diy 2x4 outdoor furniture
Our newest addition, the planter boxes.

One thing is for sure, if are looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy your outdoor space in style, building your own 2×4 diy outdoor furniture is the answer!

The Porch & Patio Project

Adirondack Chairs

These chairs really are the best outdoor chairs ever! Strong, comfortable, and durable. The best part of all, using just (8) 2×4’s they cost under $30 to build. The 2×4 Adirondack Chairs

Outdoor Bench

Made in the style of our chairs, it is absolutely perfect as a garden bench, patio bench or anywhere you need quality outdoor seating. And it is built to handle 2 people with plenty of room! The 2 x 4 Adirondack Bench

Patio Table & Chairs

We really love the comfort and heavy duty seating. But perhaps even more, we love that we could build the chairs for about $18 each, and the table for $65! See : Patio Table & Chairs Plan

Coffee Table / End Table

The coffee table can be built with just (6) 2 x 4 x 8’s. It is a great addition to the chairs and bench, and won’t blow away in a wind. Coffee / End Table Plans

Planter Boxes

Our newest 2×4 DIY project, the planter boxes really add to porch and patio setting with a growing space for flowers or vegetables. These have quickly become one of our favorites! See : Planter Box Double & Quad Plans

Here is to DIY’ing with a few 2×4’s! Happy Building – Jim and Mary

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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