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The Most Incredible, Longest Blooming Perennial We’ve Ever Grown!

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good – like accidentally stumbling on to one of the most beautiful, longest blooming perennial plants we’ve ever grown at the farm. And are we ever glad we did!

Not only are its blooms gorgeous and prolific, the plant also happens to be deer and drought resistant too. And, as you’ll see below, it comes in a variety of colors that are a perfect fit for any flowerbed.

We were looking for perennial geraniums when we happened to stumble upon this ever-blooming beauty at a local greenhouse.

Discovering The Longest Blooming Perennial Ever – By Accident!

We certainly love filling our flowerbed spaces at the farm full of perennials. Not only are they great for adding a huge variety of foliage and colorful blooms, but they also, of course, return year after year.

It makes perennials both economical, low-maintenance, and a great way to fill beds to keep out weeds. (See : How To Keep Flowerbeds Weed Free For Good!)

longest blooming perennials
Perennials like these shasta daisies and primrose are beautiful, but their blooms can be short lived.

But if there is one drawback to perennials, it is their short-lived blooming period. Unfortunately, many perennials bloom for as little as 7 to 10 days. While others may last for 2 to 3 weeks at most.

Which is exactly why we happened to be at one of our favorite local nurseries (Wilsons Garden Center), trying to add a few longer blooming perennials to our mix this past spring.

longest blooming perennial
We love going to nurseries to find all kinds of new plants.

We were actually searching for hardy geraniums – which can bloom for extended periods. But fortunately, yours truly wasn’t paying attention, and picked up 2 pots of Blanketflower that were sitting beside the hardy geraniums instead.

But it turned out to be our greatest perennial “mistake” purchase ever!

The Amazing Blanketflower – The Longest Blooming Perennial Ever!

We have two varieties of blanketflowers planted on our farm now, Spintop Orange Halo and Sunset Snappy. And they both have performed beyond belief!

pollinator plants
Blanketflowers also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies with their many blooms.

They have been in constant bloom now for 2+ months, and show no signs of slowing. They thrive in full sun, and require very little water to survive. In fact, they actually prefer less water.

Blanketflower grows in a mound or clump, reaching about 14 to 16 inches in height. The plants are overflowing with gorgeous blooms, resembling a cross between a daisy and a coneflower.

blanketflower longest blooming perennial
One of our potted blanketflower plants in full bloom in mid July.

Available in all shades of red, yellow and orange, this long blooming perennial brings lasting color to any flowerbed. We actually have two planted in containers as well as a few in flowerbeds.

They have been nothing short of the perfect container plant with their constant blooms and little need for water. In the fall, we will simply replant them into the landscape to overwinter. (An Amazing Low Cost Way To Create Gorgeous Planters)

Plant Requirements

Blanketflowers are hardy to Growing Zone 5, and will bloom from spring to fall. Deadheading will help the blooms continue at full force.

long blooming perennials
The beauty of blanketflowers!

Plants can be divided in the spring or fall every few years to create new plants and keep plants strong and healthy. They are said to be much easier to grow from stock and dividing than seed.

One thing is for sure, as one of the longest blooming perennials we have ever seen, it has found a home in our landscape for good! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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