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Fall At The Farm! Old World Garden Farms At The Peak Of Autumn Color

As much as we love the hustle and bustle of the spring and summer growing season, nothing quite compares to the peace, tranquility and beauty of fall at the farm.

Especially after what has been one unusual and crazy year!

Here is a look around the farm as the peak colors of autumn arrive. And be sure to take a look at the last few pictures – as there is a bit of a surprise coming to Old World Garden Farm(s) this fall.

Fall At The Farm – 2020

Fall Arrives

fall at the farm 2020

The maples, oaks and wild cherry trees reached peak color this past week. It is amazing how the various shades of red, yellow and green change the entire look of the front entrance.

As if right on cue, as soon as the trees begin to change, the ornamental grasses plume as well. It certainly makes for the perfect autumn combination.

Ornamental Kale & Cabbage – Fall At The Farm 2020

One of our favorite new additions this year are the planters filled with ornamental cabbage and kale. As the cool air of autumn arrives, these magical plants overflow with near neon-like color.

In fact, their “blooms” only get better as the weather chills even more into deep fall. (See : Growing Ornamental Kale & Cabbage)

The Barn – Fall At The Farm 2020

The barn was our first true structure we built here, and to this day, it remains one of our favorites. Especially in the fall as the clear skies and fall foliage bring it front and center.

It was the sight of our first big get-together at the farm, and has hosted countless more over the last 10 years. Created from two old turn of the century barns, it still has the feel of an old-school barn.

A Look From The Beehives – Fall At The Farm 2020

A few years back, we created a little niche in the hillside to house our two beehives. It has become home to so many perennial transplants over the years, including the Blanketflower you see above.

As you can see, this amazing perennial is still in full bloom. Talk about a workhorse of a flower, it has now bloomed from late May into the third weed of October!

The New Chickens – Fall At The Farm 2020

Our new batch of chickens from this summer are now 16 weeks old and growing up fast. In fact, they should be laying their first eggs in the next few weeks!

They have adjusted well to life on the farm and in their new coop. There favorite pastimes include begging for sunflower seeds, and taunting our neighbors dogs behind their secure fencing.

The Farm Sign – Fall At The Farm 2020

old world garden farm

We have always wanted to have an authentic “farm” sign. And this year, thanks to an amazingly talented local artist named Kaitlyn Hennessy, we have one!

Kaitlyn worked for 4 days in the scorching hot sun in mid summer to create this 16′ x 6′ billboard painting. Not only does it have a vintage look and feel, the colors really pop now that autumn is settling in.

The Pavilion Area In The Fall – Fall At The Farm 2020

fall at the farm
making pizzas

Autumn has really come to life around the outdoor kitchen and pavilion. Between the mums, ornamental cabbage, kale and pluming grasses, there is fall color everywhere!

There isn’t a day that goes by that you won’t find us having either breakfast, lunch, dinner – or all 3 under the pavilion. But our favorite of all still remains the homemade pizza oven!

It is quite simply our favorite place to rest after a day of working on the farm.

The Garden – Fall At The Farm 2020

fall at the farm
October, 2020
creating a raised row garden
July, 2020

What a difference a few months make in the garden landscape! Although our Raised Row Garden has been cleared and planted for a long winter’s rest with its cover crop of annual rye, it was quite the productive year for the garden.

Not only did the garden get a new fence this year, but also a few new gates and doors.

The Farm Truck – Fall At The Farm 2020

One thing is for sure, no true farm can be complete without an old farm truck – and we finally found one for Old World Garden this year!

The truck is a 1977 Ford F-350 Camper Special – and its first official duty was hauling a load of straw to the garden! We have not yet come up with a name for her, but we’re working on it.

A Little Surprise…

Our 2020 fall farm photos wouldn’t be quite complete without the addition of the final two pictures below.

Without saying too much, it is a little teaser of what it is to come. I guess you can say we will finally be putting the “s” in Old World Garden Farms. Not only will the farm be growing in the very near future, but in a very unique way.

And are we ever excited to have the next chapter of the farm and our story unfold over the next few years. Happy Fall and Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary

Old World Garden Farms - Location 2
Old World Garden Farms 2a

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