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Low Maintenance House Plants – 5 Great House Plants Anyone Can Grow!

There is nothing like growing a few low maintenance house plants to help brighten up the interior of your home through the long, dark, dreary months of winter. Not to say they don’t look just as beautiful indoors in the spring, summer and fall!

For many, just the mention of attempting to grow a plant indoors cause a bit of anxiety. It is certainly true that there are a few house plants that require special attention to survive indoor life. Whether it be closely monitoring moisture levels, providing special lighting, or having to follow a specific fertilizing routine, keeping a high-maintenance plant alive indoors can be a daunting task.

But the good news is that growing plants indoors doesn’t have to be difficult. At least not when you select and grow a few easy care, low maintenance plants. And we just happen to showcase five such indoor plants with today’s article!

low maintenance house plants
House plants add so much to the inside of your home! They not only brighten up areas with their foliage, they also can help clean the air a bit as well. Best of all, you don’t have to be a plant “expert” to grow plants indoors when you select easy-care, low maintenance plants.

These plants are not only easy to maintain, they also happen to be nearly impossible to kill. Each of the five plants featured below can stand up to a bit of abuse and neglect, and are perfect for even the “brownest” of green thumbs around!

5 Low Maintenance House Plants Perfect For Any House

Paddle Plant – Low Maintenance House Plants

Of all of our featured low maintenance plants today, the paddle plant is probably the most unique and interesting – and yet it is probably the most unknown!

With its large, round-shaped stemless leaves, this succulent tropical plant is always a conversation piece. The plant grows upward on a center rosette, with the rounded paddle shaped leaves attaching to it. All without the help of a stem. The unique look often earns the plant the nickname of the flapjack plant for its resemblance to pancakes.

The leaves of the paddle plant take on a reddish-pink tint, and stand out among the more common “green only” plant varieties so often grown indoors.

the paddle plant
Paddle plants are a unique house plant with their stemless leaves. The pinkish-red color of their paddle shaped leaves also adds a big splash of color indoors.

Not only is the plant beautiful, it is extremely easy to care for. Paddle plants require little water, and can be left for long periods without worry. They are also rarely if ever bothered by pests. For best results, locate plants in a sunny room that has a south or west facing window for adequate light. Product Link : Paddle Plant

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) – Low Maintenance House Plants

Pothos (more commonly referred to as Devil’s Ivy), is one of the most beautiful and versatile house plants around. The trailing plant can be used in planters, pots and even hanging baskets to add flowing greenery anywhere.

Best of all, it is an extremely care free and forgiving plant. Devil’s Ivy can go without water for extensive periods without worry. It requires little nutrients from the soil and grows well in nothing more than ordinary potting soil. Even better, there is little need to ever provide additional fertilizing for continued growth.

About the only concern of all when growing Pothos is to keep it out of scorching, direct sunlight. The foliage of Pothos can brown and slightly burn when placed directly in a sunny window. Instead, place in a location that receives filtered or ambient light, and your plant will thrive!

low maintenance house plants
Pothos is an easy care plant that looks great in containers, hanging baskets or planters. It can also easily be propagated or divided to create multiple plants to use anywhere.

One final advantage to growing Pothos is how easily it can be propagated into additional plants. Large plants can be divided and re-potted to create new plants – or, you can take a cutting from a plant, stick it in water, and let it grow new roots. Talk about simple!

Pothos is also a wonderful plant to brighten up porches in the spring, summer and fall. In fact, many gardeners propagate a few extra plants each year in late winter and use them for hanging baskets on covered porches and patios. Product Link : Pothos Plants

Aloe Vera – Low Maintenance House Plants

Talk about a plant that is multi-purpose! Aloe vera not only makes for a beautiful, easy care house plant, it also doubles as a great little medicinal plant for you and your family. (See : The Benefits Of Growing Aloe Vera)

With its large, spiky, gel-filled leaves, Aloe Vera adds interest, greenery and a cactus-like feel to its surroundings. And of course, its gel-filled leaves are also wonderful for using as a topical ointment for scratches, burns and cuts. Not only will it help soothe the pain, but the gel also has antibacterial properties too.

Aloe vera indoor plant
Aloe Vera’s leaves are not only beautiful, but filled with a medicinal gel that is wonderful for soothing cuts, burns and scrapes.

For best success, locate Aloe Vera plant in a warm, sunny room. Much like all of our low-care house plants in today’s article, Aloe Vera can go long stretches without the need for water. In fact, it certainly suffers more when over-watered than under-watered. Product Link : Aloe Vera Plants

Snake Plant – Low Maintenance House Plants

The Snake plant has long been the favorite of many house plant lovers, not just for its ease of maintaining, but its ability to be used indoors in the winter, and outdoors on porches and patios in the summer. In fact, it can even be planted directly into the landscape in the summer to enjoy!

The tropical look and feel of snake plant can brighten up the dreariest of days indoors. With long, thick, variegated foliage that soars upward from its base, the plant adds instant interest and greenery wherever it grows.

Snake plant can handle nearly any lighting location you throw at it. It can survive and thrive in a sunny window, but will just as easily grow well in a dimly lit room.

snake plant
Snake plant is one of the most durable, forgiving house plants of all. In fact, it is nearly impossible to kill!

And talk about low maintenance, this plant can go a long time between watering. In fact, in the winter, it should only be watered about once a month, or when the soil completely dries out. (Product Link : Snake Plant)

Christmas Cactus – Low Maintenance House Plants

One of the most popular clicks to our website each and every holiday season is our article on How To Care For A Christmas Cactus. But a Christmas Cactus is so much more than just a holiday plant. It also happens to be a wonderfully beautiful, low care house plant all year round.

With it’s prickly leaves and spider like growing pattern, a Christmas Cactus provides big greenery and interest indoors all year long. And can they ever last. Some Christmas Cactus plants have been passed down through family’s for seventy years or more!

repotting plants
A Christmas Cactus in full bloom.

Best of all, just like our other feature plants today, it is low maintenance and a breeze to care for. And each year, as the Christmas season rolls around, it can provide gorgeous blooms to help celebrate the holidays.

Here is to adding a little pizazz to the inside of your home this winter with a few low maintenance house plants! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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