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4 Easy Overnight Christmas Breakfast Recipes – A Delicious Breakfast Fast!

When it comes to serving up hungry children, parents and grandparents on Christmas morning, nothing can beat the ease and speed of a delicious overnight breakfast recipe. And do we ever have four of the tastiest dishes featured in today’s weekly recipe article!

Let’s face it, Christmas morning is a crazy time for all. Whether it’s young children waking their parents up at the crack of dawn, hustling to head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, or scrambling to put together that last gift, the morning can be hectic. Really hectic!

But for us, one of the easiest ways to help keep the stress down is with an easy breakfast. One that is quick to make, delicious, and best of all, all ready to go.

Christmas Breakfast
Although having Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer pancakes for all on Christmas morning may sound like a wonderful idea, the reality is there is usually never enough time to prepare a big Christmas morning feast. That is exactly where a quick and easy overnight breakfast comes to the rescue!

Having your Christmas morning breakfast prepared in advance the day before is easy to do with today’s recipes. From our favorite overnight casserole dishes to breakfast bombs and more, all of the recipes below have been family tested and approved for years. In fact, Christmas morning just wouldn’t see the same without them!

4 Easy Overnight Recipes Perfect For Christmas Morning

#1) Overnight Breakfast Casserole

When it comes to preparing Christmas morning breakfast with ease, the breakfast casserole is at the top of our list. In fact, it has become a staple every Christmas morning for as long as we can remember!

Breakfast casseroles are prepared the day before, and then placed in the refrigerator until the following morning. Not only does it save time on Christmas morning, the flavor builds as it marinates overnight. This dish is so easy to make, and can be filled with whatever meat or vegetables your family loves most.

overnight breakfast casserole
The overnight casserole can be made the day before and be ready to bake and go Christmas morning. Talk about a low-stress breakfast that is easy to serve and eat! Best of all, it is easy to make your own with bacon, sausage, or vegetarian style.

Perhaps best of all, it is an easy to serve and eat breakfast. Just dish it out and you can feed an entire army of family in a flash. Recipe Link : Overnight Bacon Breakfast Casserole

#2) Overnight French Toast Casserole – Our Favorite Overnight Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Our French Toast casserole is another”make-it-the-day-before dish” perfect for Christmas morning. Just pull it out in the morning, put the casserole in the oven, and let it bake. In about an hour, you’ll have a delicious treat sure to please hungry mouths.

French toast made with thick slices of bread dipped in egg wash and seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla is a go to recipe for many people any day of the week. This year, make it ahead of time and let all those flavors meld together in the refrigerator overnight.

No worries about having to stand directly over a hot griddle making individual servings of French Toast slices – this casserole will serve everyone at once. Recipe Link : Overnight French Toast Casserole Recipe

overnight french toast breakfast
Make this french toast overnight casserole the day before, and bake it Christmas morning! Hot and delicious, this easy-to-make breakfast can feed a big family quick.

Breakfast Bombs (Air Fryer) – Our Favorite Overnight Christmas Breakfast Recipes

If you happen to own an air fryer, this recipe is a must try for sure! What can be better for a quick and delicious breakfast than sinking your teeth into a hot, flaky biscuit filled pocket loaded with your favorite ingredients inside?

All of these ingredients can be made up the night before to have at the ready. Then, simply roll up your breakfast bombs and place in the air fryer for about 8 minutes. One taste and you will be a fan forever!

This recipe is perfect for so many reasons. For starters, it’s easy to customize fillings for individual tastes. Create the breakfast bombs with any combination you want – from eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes & peppers, to cheese and more.

breakfast bomb
Once you try an air fryer breakfast bomb – you will be hooked! Delicious flavor made fast, these air bombs have become a family favorite for us.

With their quick cook-time, it is easy to make as little or as many as you need without waste. And perhaps best of all, their size makes them easy to pick up and eat for all ages.

This recipe is so quick and delicious, you will find yourself making it on more than just special occasions. You can check out our complete recipe here : Air Fryer Breakfast Bombs

#4 – Homemade Cinnamon Rolls – Our Favorite Overnight Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Is there really any better treat to wake up to on Christmas morning than a piping hot cinnamon roll? The delicious icing drizzled down over the soft roll, it honestly might be better than any present you could ever get from under the tree!

This recipe allows you to prepare the dough and filling (and even the icing) a day or two ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake. On Christmas morning, just pull the unbaked cinnamon rolls out of the fridge and let them rise while you are opening presents.

hot cinnamon rolls
With their ooey-gooey icing and delicious sweet bread taste, a cinnamon roll is the perfect Christmas morning treat. Have them ready to go, and just pop them in the oven in the morning. They are certain to feed everyone with a smile.

When you are ready to feed, throw them in a pre-heated oven and watch the magic happen. Before you know it, you will have the house smelling delicious, and you may just enjoy a bit of silence as hungry mouths devour them down. This is definitely a favorite recipe for us, and we hope you enjoy it as well. Recipe Link : Overnight Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Here is to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas – and to feeding hungry family members fast on Christmas morning! Jim and Mary.

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