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Raised Row Gardening And Canning Classes At The Farm – Come Join Us As Our Guest!

As the farm and our website have grown over the course of the last few years – we have had more and more requests from our readers and followers asking us to consider hosting gardening and canning classes at the farm.

Hosting a tour last year of the garden.

Hosting a tour last year of the garden.

We have always had a blast when hosting visiting garden clubs or school groups to the farm – so we thought – why not?!!!

We selected one day for each class – a spring date of May 3rd to cover our raised row gardening techniques – and another in mid to late summer, August 9th, for a canning day class.

Each of the classes will run two hours and start with a tour of the farm. After each presentation, we will conclude with a sampling of some of our own food produced on the farm and a chance for those attending to swap and share gardening stories of their own.

The canning class will include a complete start-to-finish salsa canning

The canning class will include a complete start-to-finish fresh from the garden salsa canning demonstration

The classes are free, but we need to limit participation for the gardening class to 25, and the canning class to 15 participants, in order to provide the best opportunity for interaction and questions.

If you are interested in attending the class – just RSVP with your name and the class you would like to attend to our email address at :  We will take reservations on a first come basis.

Raised Row Gardening Class – Saturday, May 3rd : 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Our raised row garden.

Our raised row garden at the farm

The Raised Row Gardening class will cover everything from how we first set up our rows to harvesting  – and everything in between!  We will go over how we set up our initial beds, plant and mulch our crops, and use cover crops and compost to build and maintain fertile soil.

Intro To Canning Class – Saturday, August 9th : 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Our canning pantry -  filled up after last years garden season.

Our canning pantry – filled up after last year’s garden season.

The canning class will cover the basics of canning – including equipment, safety and how to instructions  We will also share some of our canning recipes from the blog – and to bring it all home during the course of the presentation – by canning salsa right fresh the garden.

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Happy Gardening  – Mary and Jim