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Autumn Farm Photos From Old World Garden Farms – Fall’s Colors Arrive!

I can’t believe it’s already time for our Autumn Farm Photos feature from the Farm!

In what has become a tradition since first starting the blog back in 2012, each fall, we take a stroll around the farm to capture autumn’s beauty in full color.

autumn farm photos

The hot pepper bed is in full color up by the pavilion

Looking back, its hard to believe how much has changed since our first Autumn Fall Photos feature. In fact, all that existed in the fall of 2012 was a little chicken coop, a garden, and 3/4’s of our barn!

But as each year fall has come and gone, the farm has slowly progressed into our home. In fact, it was nearly one year ago today (October 5th) that we finally moved into our house to become full-time residents. And so that leads us to this year’s version of our Autumn Farm Photos.

It has been an unseasonably warm fall this year. September saw three days with temperatures soaring into the 90’s, and October has been extremely mild so far as well. But that hasn’t stopped fall and her glorious colors from settling in.

With that in mind, let’s take a look below around the farm – 2017 style!  You can also see our a few of the old ones if you like : 2012 Fall Photos   2015 Fall Photos

Autumn Farm Photos – 2017

Ornamental Peppers In Full Bloom

We have about 20 varieties of ornamental peppers planted in the garden and landscape, and almost all are edible. Each fall, the peppers light up the landscape with their bright red, purple and orange hues. These are the Chinese Five Color – which make an amazing hot pepper flake and powder when dried.

autumn farm photos

The Simple House – 1 Year After Move In

With the bright blue sky as a backdrop, the Simple House now sits at the top of the hill overlooking the farm below. We spent the year dividing and transplanting existing plants to create the new beds around the house and outdoor pavilion. Not only is it a great way to landscape for free – digging all of plants up and replanting is a great workout! 🙂

autumn farm photos

The Chicken Coop 

The chickens are all starting to get a thicker coat of feathers as they prepare for winter. But for now, they are enjoying the sunny fall skies and warmer temps

autumn fall photos

Cover Crops In The Garden

Most of our Raised Row Garden rows are already covered with their protective cover crop of Annual Rye. We plant our annual rye as soon as we pull out the season’s vegetable plants to protect the rows from weeds and erosion. 

autumn farm photos

Front Entrance

The blood grass and maiden grass give a burst of fall color to the front entrance. It is hard to believe that this area was nothing more than a pile of dirt back in 2012.

autumn farm photos

A Place To Sit In The Fall Sun

One of the things we love to do at the farm is create little private sitting areas, like this one that overlook the little vineyard and barn. We built two of our 2 x 4 Adirondack chairs to place in the middle, and they are a perfect place to enjoy an evening sunset. We have loved getting pictures from all of you who have built your own chairs from our plans! See :    The 2 x 4  Adirondack Chair  

autumn farm photos


One of our favorite plants in our baskets and pots this year has been lantana. The plants have overflowed out of the pots and provided a ton of color this fall when many hanging baskets and potted plants begin to fade.

autumn farm photos

Dill In Full Bloom

Although many plants are starting to lose their leaves and blooms, our dill is in full color and full bloom.

autumn farm photos

Ornamental Grasses

One of our favorite plants to use at the farm are ornamental grasses. They add so much texture and color, especially in the fall when the plumes soar above the plants. These fountain grasses have all but engulfed this section of fencing next to the barn

autumn farm photos

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