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Teaching The Raised Row Method – How To Grow Vegetables With Ease!

When it comes to the raised row method of gardening, its all about keeping the process of growing vegetables simple, easy, organic, and most of all – fun!

Our first Raised Row Garden started out in 2011 as an experiment. In essence, it was a way for us to attempt to garden smarter, and not harder.

And ever since, the Raised Row method has been taking on a life of it’s own.

raised row method of planting tomatoes
A tomato planted directly into the raised rows. With raised rows, there is never a need to till or turn the soil.

At that point in our lives, with four active teenagers and busy careers, we simply didn’t have the the time to spend countless hours tilling, weeding, hoeing and maintaining a garden.

And even if we did happen to have it, I’m not sure those would have been our favorite chores anyway!

But we certainly wanted to grow our own vegetables And we were determined to find a way to do it.

Teaching The Raised Row Method Of Simple Gardening

What Is Raised Row Gardening?

At it’s core, Raised Row Gardening is the answer to growing a highly productive vegetable garden. See : How To Create A Simple, Low-Maintenance Raised Row Garden.

All without the hassle and countless hours spent weeding, tilling, hoeing, watering and spraying.

organic materials used in the garden set-up
Three of the essential organic materials used in the garden – compost, shredded leaves and straw.

A Raised Row garden uses a combination of soil, mulch, and no-till cover crops to create dedicated walking zones, and highly productive growing rows.

Most importantly, it creates a garden that is easy to maintain. And one that contain little to no weeds, and produces amazing results year after year!

There is no need for a rototiller. And no need for expensive raised bed sides.

Just pure simple gardening with little to zero weeding! For more pesky weeds subject, be sure to check our article The 2 Big Secrets To Eliminate Garden Weeds Forever.

bare soil - eliminating weeds in the garden
With the Raised Row method, the soil is always covered. Either by a cover crop in the fall and winter, or by straw during the growing season.

It truly is amazing how little work it takes to maintain a highly productive garden. And it only gets better with every passing year.

Getting The Chance To Share A Love Of Gardening

In the last few years, we’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share with others from all over the country about the simple growing method of raised rows.

Whether speaking at garden shows and conventions, hosting our annual free garden classes at the farm, or having garden clubs and groups out to the farm for classes, we get energized when we get to talk about how much we love Raised Rows!

Garden Classes
We have a lot of fun whenever we get to talk gardening!

It’s a great way to bring alive everything we poured into the Raised Row book and more. See : Raised Row Gardening Hard CopyRaised Row Gardening E-Book Version

From Wisconsin to Texas – to North Carolina, Minnesota and all throughout the Midwest – it’s always a blast for us to connect and share with fellow gardeners.

In fact, this weekend, we even get the chance to speak just a few miles from our farm!

We are very excited to be at Wilson’s Garden Center in Newark, Ohio on Sunday, April 7th at 1 pm for an hour-long talk on Raised Row Gardening.

So here is to spreading the word about the Raised Row Method – and to the joys of simple gardening!

Wishing everyone the best of garden seasons this year – Mary and Jim.

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