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3 Incredibly Unique Plants To Grow In Your Garden This Year!

No matter where we travel to meet fellow gardeners, it seems they always have at least one unique plant they are trying to grow in their garden.

After all, experimenting with new plants and varieties is part of what being a gardener is all about. It keeps gardening fun and interesting, and you never know what might happen!

shishito pepper plants
Our Shishito pepper plant experiment last year turned out to be one of our most successful plant trials ever.

Sometimes, it turns out to be a total flop. But it can also be a glorious success, and take your garden in an entirely new direction.

Much was the case last year for us when we tried Shishito peppers for the first time. Not only were the plants a smashing success in the garden, we fell in love with their taste as an appetizer as well! (See : Growing Shishito Peppers – A Must Grow Pepper!)

growing popcorn
Growing popcorn was another experiment from a few years back that has now turned into an annual tradition. It is so easy and delicious to grow!

So we thought for today’s article, we would highlight 3 more unique plants to try out in your garden this year to bring a little variety to your planting rows!

3 Unique Garden Plants To Grow This Year

The Loofa Plant – Grow Your Own Sponges Right In The Garden!

Almost everyone has heard of a loofa sponge. But did you know this great natural sponge comes from the fruit of a loofa plant? A plant that as it turns out, is quite easy to grow in the backyard garden, and even in containers too.

the loofa sponge, comes from the loofa plant
The loofa sponge comes from the loofa plant, which grows very much like a cucumber.

Loofas are a wonderful, non-abrasive natural sponge perfect for removing dirt. They are great for humans, and even washing and scrubbing everything from dishes to equipment too.

The loofa plant is a member of the gourd family, and grows much like squash, cucumbers and melons. Loofas also are great on a trellis, making them perfect for planting in the garden, or along a fence row.

And, as mentioned above, they perform equally well when grown in pots and containers.

unique garden plants - the loofa plant
The loofa plant’s blooms are often confused as an English cucumber or a zuchinni.

Like the cucumber plant, loofas produce yellow flowers. Flowers that once pollinated turn into long fruits, and ones that are often confused to be zucchini or cucumbers.

But instead of picking when young and tender, loofas are left on the vine to until they mature and turn brown. Then, all it takes is a quick peeling of the skin, and you have your very own loofa sponge.

Loofa are an edible fruit. In many countries, they are picked as a young fruit and then stir-fried. Talk about a unique conversation plant to grow in your garden this year! Seed Link : Loofa Seeds

The Tomatillo Plant

If you are a lover of salsa verde, then tomatillo plants need to be on your must-grow list this year!

Although many think green salsa (salsa verde) comes from green tomatoes, it actually comes from this unique plant.

unique garden plants  - the tomatillo
The tomatillo is not a tomato plant, but is related. Once the fruit has cracked and split on the plant, it is ready to pick and use.

People often confuse the tomatillo as a tomato plant. But although related, it is actually not a tomato at all. It does, however, grow in the same fashion and conditions that tomatoes do. Meaning, if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow tomatillos!

Like tomato plants, they can be grown indoors from seed, and then transplanted into the garden once the threat of frost has passed.

unique plants to grow - tomatillo plant
If you love salsa verde, then tomatillos need to be on your grow list this year!

The harvest however is a bit different.

Allow the fruits of the tomatillo to fully ripen until the skins crack open. And then, and only then, are they ready to be turned into some amazing homemade salsa verde! Seed Link : Tomatillo Seeds – 2 Varieties

Glass Gem Corn

And finally, if you really want to grow a unique plant that will get everyone talking, try growing Glass Gem Corn.

This stunning variety of corn is a show stopper! The glass-like kernels almost seem to glow in huge array of translucent colors.

glass gem corn
An ear of glass gem corn. Talk about a unique plant to grow!

Although often used for fall decorations as an ornamental corn, it is also great for making popcorn and cornmeal too. Glass Gem corn is grown just like traditional sweet corn.

But instead of picking early, they are left on the stalks to fully harden and dry. No matter how you use it, it is one beautiful ear of corn.

Glass Gem is sure to be the talk of your gardening friends! Seed Link : Glass Gem Corn Seed

Here is to growing something unique and special in your garden this year! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary

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