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Make Your Meals – Recipes To Cook At Home For A Self Sufficient Life

So many good things happen when you make your meals at home.

There is first of course, the huge savings to your budget. Nothing is more costly that eating out. Especially if you are feeding an entire family. A single night out can easily cost a family of four $100. That same $100 can feed that same family for days.

make your meals

The amazing taste of Homemade Strawberry Honey Jam.

But beyond the big savings, cooking at home and preparing meals for you and your family is a life changer.

For those looking to eat healthier, it is a way to control calories, fat grams and cut preservatives from their diet. For those with allergies, it’s a way to create food that is safe. And for those who might have a sweet tooth at times – it’s a chance to make that chocolate cake or apple pie that has been calling your name.

But maybe most important of all, in an ever-changing world where technology seems to turn us on our heads every day, cooking at home is a way to slow down and enjoy life with family and friends. Maybe that is why now, more than ever, folks are getting back to cooking at home and to a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Ever since launching Old World Garden in 2012, our weekly recipes have been one of our most popular features. Simple, easy-to-follow recipes like The Secret To Making No-Bake Cookies (2+ million views), Dry Rub Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe (1.1 million views), and Strawberry Honey Jam (1.3 million views) have made their way around the world.

make your meals

Recipes like No-Bake Cookies have been a bit hit on the OWG blog

In fact, as crazy at it sounds, the recipes on the site have now been viewed some 26 million+ times. And it seems like as each week passes, we receive more and more requests for additional recipes. The problem, with just one recipe a week on OWG, it was hard to get to them all!

And so, after a lot of thought, we figured – why not create a site for recipes only? And with that, Mary went to work! She has spent the last few months creating the site, and I can’t tell you how proud and amazed I am of the finished product.

Make Your Meals is a website designed first and foremost around simplicity.

From easy weeknight meals, to desserts, side dishes, appetizers and more – the pages of Make Your Meals bring simple and delicious recipes to you and your family every week.

Mary worked hard to keep navigating around the site as easy as pie (pun intended). It can easily be searched by course, cuisine, or specialty tabs such as chicken recipes, potatoes, vegetarian, and instant pot recipes and more.  The site is now up and live – and you can check it out here :

The Launch of Make Your Meals

make your meals

The Make Your Own Meals Website

Tonight will mark the first email release of a new recipe from the site.

Moving forward, Make Your Meals will bring 3 simple to follow, down to earth recipes to help you make great meals at home. You can sign up easily on the site for the free emails, and even follow along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Anyone signing up today will receive tonight’s first email.

And yes, faithful followers to Old World Garden – we will still keep publishing our weekly recipe, garden and farm updates as always. It is and will always be our heart and soul.

Here’s to making more of your meals at home! Jim and Mary. To receive our 3 Home, Garden, Recipe and Simple Life articles each week, sign up for our free email list. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. This article may contain affiliate links.