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5 Great Garden Gift Ideas For Mom On Mothers Day!

Searching for a few great garden gift ideas for Mom on Mothers Day?

Mother’s day is a just around the corner, and with spring finally springing, perhaps the perfect gift is one that can let mom enjoy her love of gardening and outdoors even more!

Whether it’s creating her a special meal, building her something special with your own hands, or finding just the right gift to put a smile on her face, Mother’s day is a wonderful time to share time with mom.

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And if your Mom happens to love flowers, vegetable gardening or entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, we have a few  garden gift ideas to help inspire the perfect gift.

5 Great Garden Gift Ideas For Mom

Gardening Gloves With Claws

garden gift ideas
The Garden Gloves, with their claw-digging fingertips, are one unique gift!

Looking for a unique and special gift idea for mom this year? Then the The Garden Gloves With Fingertip Claws might just fit the bill!

These incredibly wild-looking gloves come with their very own built-in claw fingertips for easy digging in the dirt.

The gloves are fully waterproof and puncture resistant to protect mom’s hands. And, the claw-like tips are perfect for digging into soil, creating small planting holes, and even breaking up large clods of dirt.

Besides that – they just look really cool! Product Link : Garden Gloves With Claws

The Ultimate Ratcheting Pruner

garden gift ideas
The Blue Ape Ratchet Pruners make pruning and cutting a snap!

Need a little extra power when cutting through branches? The Blue Ape Ratchet Pruners are one of our new favorites in the garden.

Pruning can be difficult, especially if branches are thick, or you struggle with arthritis, or weak or sore hands. Well, this little pruner works wonders for that!

The ratcheting pruner allows you to tackle the toughest branches with 5 times the power of regular pruning shears.

No longer do you have to cut through thick branches or tough roots with a single hard squeeze.  Product Link : Blue Ape Ratcheting Pruner

Potting Bench

gardening gift ideas
Potting benches are perfect for those who love to work outdoors!

When it comes to great garden gift ideas, if Mom loves to work outside planting and transplanting, then perhaps a potting bench might perfect!

Potting benches are a great way to organize outdoor garden tools, store watering cans, gloves and more. They also provide a great place to work without constantly bending over.

Product Link :  Potting Bench

That can come in handy when potting up your favorite hanging baskets and outdoor planters!   

Even better, you can build a potting bench yourself using our DIY Potting Bench Plans.

The Root Slayer – A Shovel Made For Mom!

garden gift ideas
The Radius Root Slayer

If Mom likes to dig in the garden and flowerbeds, the Root Slayer shovel is the answer!

This transplanting and multi-purpose shovel digs through sod and roots with ease. It has a sharp inverted V cutting blade tip and specially designed root-cutting saw as well.

It can make quick work of digging up and dividing perennials, bulbs and more. The Radius also works wonders for lifting out weeds and plants with tough roots.

The special O-Handle Grip has 4 times the gripping surface of traditional handled tools, and gives great leverage without putting stress on your hands and wrists.  Product Link : Radius Root Slayer  Shovel

Build Her Something Special To Enjoy The Outdoors

Nothing says I Love You like a gift from the heart and the hands. So how about surprising Mom with a DIY gift that can let her enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

From pergolas and garden arbors, to fire pits, Adirondack chairs and more, here are a few of our favorite step by step DIY projects to create the perfect gift for Mom!

Creating A Beautiful Pergola

Building A Garden Arbor

Creating A Beautiful Stone Outdoor Fire Pit

Campfire Chairs

Happy Gardening, and Happy Mother’s Day! Mary and Jim.

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